Lego Education is a theme of Lego that has been created specifically for use in educational institutions. These sets are based on Technic and Duplo themes but contain more large-scale pieces for educational purposes. These sets are a great way to help children develop their fine motor skills and promote critical thinking.

Hands-on learning

The LEGO Education philosophy promotes step-by-step learning, allowing individual learners to develop skills at their own pace. This approach encourages creativity and individualization, enabling children to develop a sense of autonomy, as well as an enthusiasm for learning. The program is supported by extensive lesson plans and assessment tools.

Learning through construction and instruction is a hands-on approach that children will appreciate. Learning is most fun when children can stretch themselves to their limits and challenge themselves. Children are naturally curious and thrive on the edge of knowledge, which is exactly what the LEGO Education philosophy encourages.

Curriculum alignment

LEGO Education sets are a fantastic way to engage students at every level and provide hands-on learning experiences. These sets foster creativity, develop critical thinking skills, and ignite the imagination of students. These sets include curriculum activity packs and fully manual building systems, making them ideal for use in the classroom. Curriculum alignment is an important element of a well-rounded education.

Curriculum alignment is a collaborative process between educators to create a curriculum that meets student needs and promotes intellectual development. It is critical for a curriculum to be challenging, vertically articulated, and aligned to standards to promote student success. To accomplish this, educators and curriculum planners should use guiding questions.

Easy-to-follow lesson plans

LEGO is a great learning resource that helps kids develop their fine motor skills and visual discrimination. Building Lego sets also requires students to follow instructions and develop their creativity. Lesson plans can be adapted for a variety of subject areas. One example is literacy, where students use Legos to build a story.

The curriculum is designed to address common educational needs, including those of special needs students. It leverages hands-on education and technology to help students learn and smile while doing so. The Coding Express product line, for example, introduces students to the basic digital language and introduces the concept of collaboration and critical thinking skills.

Virtual SPIKE Prime experience

The LEGO Education SPIKE Prime combines bricks, a Scratch coding language, and a multi-port hub to provide an innovative learning experience. It aims to encourage critical thinking skills and build students’ confidence in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) programming. The educational experience can be completed in less than 45 minutes. Regardless of age or skill level, students can engage in the learning process by designing, analyzing, and solving complex problems.

The LEGO Education SPIKE Prime course is suitable for educators with minimal programming experience and is a great introduction to STEAM learning. This online course will guide you through the steps to build a competition robot while encouraging students to use their design process to come up with solutions to difficult problems. Designed to be flexible and adaptable, this course provides comprehensive online lesson plans and interactive support materials. It’s perfect for STEM integration and after-school robotics clubs.